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Location:Monsaraz, Alentejo

Phase:Approved and partially built, 2010

Size:8.300 m2

Team: Sara Machado, Stefano Riva

Design:Master Plan and Landscape Architecture

This project refers to the design of a touristic development and a private house in the parcel “Tapada do alto”, next to the “Convento da Orada” in Monsaraz, Alentejo. The vision for this land has the goal of reinforcing the local landscape and built environment, taking them as a reference, supporting them and finding a good design solution, under the understanding of respect for nature and explores the introvert and extrovert qualities of local architecture.

This development feasible to be explored in different phases, namely the private house, the definition of the primary structures of the landscape, entrances and limits of the “Tapada do Alto”, common structures, as the saloon, swimming pool, the gardens and the housing units, guaranteeing at the end of each phase a good visual quality, in order to promote the rest of the development.

The landscape proposal is based on the Alentejo’s landscape elements, such as the dispersed oak trees, cork trees and olive trees in contrast to the seasonal prairies. The patios and the small “urban” squares are characterized by the geometrical pattern of the fruit trees (orange, lemon, almond) orchards. All vegetation used is indigenous species, guaranteeing the integration and sustainability of the intervention.

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