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Location: Cascais

Phase: Completed 2011

Size: 190 m2

Design: Landscape Architecture

The project for this private garden proposes the landscape integration of the house, set by a continuous side space. The proposed spatial structure enables a linear and continuous reading of the garden, building an entrance space, two parking spaces, the pool area and a garden.

The garden is composed an irrigated meadow, planted with autochthonous trees, shrubs and subshrubs. The trees and shrubs proposed ensure a vegetation quality, landscape integration and privacy in relation to neighboring plots. Along the wall shrubs (Laurus nobilis) are planted, whose development does not require a support structure. In discontinuous parallel lines aromatic species (Rosmarinus officinalis, Lavandula spica, Calluna vulgaris, Armeria pseudarmeria, Rosa canina and Ulex sp. pl) are planted. 

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