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Location: Medio Tejo, Portugal

Phase: Competition, 2007

TeamMB477 Arquitectura e Território, lda, Sara Machado, Maria João Rodrigues

Design: Landplanning

This project is the result of the Tagus River Banks International Design Competition, awarded the first honorable mention.

WATER IN THE PRODUCTION OF LANDSCAPE - The interpretation of the landscape as multi-functional and multi-dimensional reality subject to processes of transformation and fruition combined, serve as additional support of the various proposed interventions. Under the current paradigm of sustainability, this multi-dimensionality, which is associated with production processes, economic and social exploitation of natural resources and natural ecological processes, is indispensable to the support, balance and reproduction of the landscape.

The proposal breaks down into five lines of action that address the multiple dimensions that shape and inform the production, processing and fruition of the intervention area:

1) PRODUCE: water + agriculture + forest + + aggregate extraction industry

2) PROTECT: water + soil + riparian vegetation

3) ENJOY: water + circuits + heritage + landscape

4) ARTICULATE: navigation + construction clusters + infrastructure

5) GROW: learning + building + promote

The interventions are established in three different areas of great conceptual simplicity, involving the two main spaces and contexts of the Water Landscape – the water and the earth - and the coupling elements between them: the systems and humanized infrastructure - the networks.

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