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Location: Silves, Algarve

Phase: Building permit, 2008

Size: 5.000 m2

Design: Landscape Architecture

Landscape Project for a housing development in the Silves municipality, Alcantarilha Gare. The territory is characterized by calc-mediterranean landscape, on the border of a marshlands. This development is located at a strategic point, near to the railway, the N269 and the Via do Infante, connecting the coastline to the “Barrocal” landscape and the Mountains. The surrounding landscape has a rural and scattered occupation, dominated by sparse trees, orchards and dry meadows.

This proposal seeks to create an internal qualified environment, integrating the housing development in the surrounding landscape. The proposal runs on various platforms exploiting the natural slope of the plot and its structure. The platform strongly linked to the buildings, provides a more intensive use and care, designed as a Mediterranean garden, in a patchwork that integrates the different uses. The platform at a lower level provides parking space for the visitors, with a more rural character, marked by a palm grove. The remaining area of this proposal retains its rural character and use, with a Mediterranean forest, a dry meadow and an irrigated orchard. 

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