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Location: Vilamoura - Quarteira, Algarve

Phase: Competition, 2008

Team: PROAP, lda, Pedro Campos Costa, Sara Machado

Design: Architecture and Urban Design

This project is the result of the Public Competition for the West waterfront of Quarteira – Vilamoura, awarded the 1rst Prize.

To the west is suggested dune park that intends to revitalize the Beach and its relationship with existing built area, hotels and casinos as well as expansion area. Through a rehabilitation of the dunes and the creation of footpaths, the project aims to create a leisure park associated with beaches that is usable for winter and summer.

On the East side, it is proposed the rehabilitation of the Largo das Cortes, and the conditioning closing of the traffic. Releasing the square of the chaotic parking, two floors below ground with 200 parking spaces is proposed, and on the surface a sloped square incorporating beach equipment, where the existing bars and restaurants can be housed. The municipal market of Quarteira serves as joint, connecting these two urban situations. This built space is a dynamic public space that connects and distributes flows through a series of patios / public squares, associated equipment and commercial program.

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