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stroop | landscape urbanism is a collaborative design and planning studio, that operates in the junction of landscape architecture and urban design.

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Landscape marks today's agenda in part due to the rise of ecological awareness, growth of tourism, the need of regions to retain a unique identity and the impact on rural areas by massive urban growth.

stroop | landscape urbanism believes that landscapes, independent of the scale of action, must be conceived and positioned relative to large-scale geographical, environmental and infrastructural systems, together with the collective imaginary to sustain its design solutions.

Projects have to involve multidisciplinary teams, the dynamics of its agents, systems and site in order to remain healthy and resilient. The investment on a integrated project corresponds to a better and more economical process later on, and each project should adapt to the clients' needs.

Therefore stroop | landscape urbanism works hand in hand with stroop | engineering to find better solutions for each project! We create something bigger then the sum of both parts, and in order to guarantee that one doesn't prevail over the other, but  still two faces of the same coin, both parts of stoop remain independent.