Team: enrica dall'ara . sara machado . matteo zamagni

LANDSCAPE IN PRODUCTION | The project for the regeneration of an area of abandoned quarries has opted for the theme of the forest as a solution for landscape (in an aesthetic sense), ecology (as a connector) and production (the proposed exploitation of the forest maintains the productive essence of the site, which will no longer supply us with stone, but with wood).

The project focuses on two areas: the slope and the platform. Acting at the foot of the slopes, processes caused by erosion of the rock face are indirectly controlled, and a protective band is created, at the same time providing a clearly identifiable connection between the different areas. The platform – the negative of the wall – contains timber forests, masses of vegetation which either fill or empty spaces depending on the rhythms of the exploitation process. 


stroop landscape in production1 stroop landscape in production2
stroop landscape in production3 stroop landscape in production4
stroop landscape in production5 stroop landscape in production6