Location: Luanda, Angola

Phase: In project 2012

Size: 1.220 m2

Design: Structural Design, Water Supply, Drainage, Storm Water and Gas Supply

This luxurious house will be build in Luanda, Angola. With a modern and dazzling architecture, it has large areas in both floors and an interior garden in the living room that has a view to the exterior pools and jacuzzi. At the rear, the outbuilding will be the home of the guard.

The structural design was carefully thought to make the architectural forms possible without showing the structural elements. The result was wide areas and modern spaces.

It was created a lower technical area by the pool to centralize all necessary equipment and structures. Among these, there is a drinking water reservoir and the pump for pressurisation. A smaller tank will contain water, from both pools and from the water fall, that is circulated through three independent pumps. These two accumulations will have the necessary treatments. A hot water tank will be installed in this area and it will be heated by solar panels placed on the roof. The recirculation between the technical area and the house will take place using a circulating pump so that the user may have hot water almost instantly.

There is no public sewage system and so this house has two systems of treatment. One of them treats the wastewater and the one others treats the part of the storm water that can be contaminated by car oils. After this process, the clean water is infiltrated in the soil.

The cookers will work with electricity but also with propane gas as an alternative when there is no energy in the public network. The gas bottles will be saved in a standard closet.

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