We are a group of engineers, designers and technical advisors offering a broad range of professional services such as:

Structural Design - Our out of the box structural solutions use a wide range of materials and schemes adapted to each situation and objective. We use materials in our projects such as wood, steel, concrete or a mixed structure of several. 

Water Supply - The water supply design includes not only the cold water systems but also the hot water supply, production and temperature control using recirculation systems that allow an energy consumption reduction and a smaller waiting time for hot water in the taps. In big buildings, these sytems have other equipments and structures such as pumps, hot water circulation pumps and deposits.

Fire Fighting- The fire fighting water systems are designed to fulfill the most demanding norms such as the NFPA (national fire protection association) and the European norms such as EN 12845 (fixed firefighting systems - automatic sprinkler systems).

Drainage - There are several solutions of drainage depending of the kind of sewage: the wastewater; the FOG (Fats, Oil an Grease) or the soapy water. Fats, oils and grease should be separated and receive special treatment, not allowing them to be forward to the public sewage system, to avoid blockages in the pipes. The soapy water that it is produced in the showers and washbasins should be treated and can be reused in the toilets and irrigation of the exterior spaces. The wastewater left, should then be biodegradable, and forwarded to the public sewage system.

Storm Water - We use our know how to design syphonic systems to drain big roofs. We also use that knowledge to conceive ecologic solutions to avoid floods, to reuse the storm water or to let it be naturally drained back into the groundwater system, may that be in the scale of a building or in a more integrated landscape solution for an urban area, saving costs and mitigation the impact of urban infrastructure.

Gas Supply - The gas supply project may include not only the pipping network but also reservoir systems such as propane bottles or industrial liquified natural gas deposits.

HVAC design - This project includes the design of the thermal production and air treatment systems that improve the confort and the air quality in a building. It may also include the ventilation system in non climatized areas such as kitchens and parking lots. All systems are connected to the technical managment.

Thermal Studies - These studies give assistance to the Architectural and HVAC Design to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Renewable Energy Project - This project defines the type of renewable energy which best suits the building and the environment. Some of the solutions are the production of hot water through solar collectors or the production of electricity through solar panels or wind turbines for its own use or for supply to the public network.

Electrical Installations - All instalations and equipments are designed thinking on the energy saving, confort and safety. The definition of the light schemes creates whatever environments or objectives that you seek.

Telecommunications Installations - The project that cares of the modern necessities such as voice, data and image connections, environment music system, video conferencing or simultaneous translation systems.

Integrated Safety - After the assessment of risks is done, all the systems and definitions are defined such as the evacuation circuits, the passive elements of containment of smoke, the water equipments for fire fighting, the fire detection system, the smoke control system, the intrusion control system (volumetric and peripheral), the video surveillance system, the carbon monoxide detection system in the parking lots (where applicable), other monitoring systems (flood detection and fuel gas) or the access control system of people and vehicles. All this systems are connected to the technical management.

Transportation of People and Goods - This project includes the study of traffic and the design and specification of lifts, escalators and moving walkways.

Verification of Acoustic Behavior - This project must be held in close interdisciplinary collaboration in order to obtain adequate acoustic comfort, combined with solutions that ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements. Attenuators and anti-vibration brackets for the equipment and for the associated networks of the various technical systems could be one of the solutions to eliminate the noise source or reduce it.

Swimming Pool - Specification of equipment, pool accessories and water treatment system. Interconnection of networks of water supply and drainage.

Technical Management - The technical managment use a  collection of reading points of the various mechanical and electrical equipment to reduce energy consumption and maximize income  . That system can introduce corrective measures, activating and controling the HVAC systems, lighting, shutters, elevators and escalators and integrated security, among others.

Health and Safety Plan - Elaboration of the Health and Safety Plan in the phase of the project, in accordance with the Decree-Law no. 273/03 of 29 October.

Internal Emergency Plan - Preparation of the Internal Emergency Plan, in accordance with  the Decree-Law no. 220/08.