Location: Alvor, Algarve

Phase: Completed 2011

Size: 43.300 m2

Design: Water Supply, Drainage and Storm Water

This 4 star hotel has 402 apartments and it is one of the biggest in Europe. The lower floors have a huge parking area, a restaurant, a bar, several reunion rooms, a wellness center, an interior and a exterior swiming pool.

The apartments are divided into several independent blocks, which one with a water supply and a hot water recirculation system. The wellness centre and the kitchen have also independent systems to make sure that any breakdown or maintenance operation doesn´t compromise the overall operation of the hotel. In this building there are water reserves, water pumps and water treatment systems to ensure that the building never runs out of drinking water.

There are 3 different drainage systems in the hotel, each one for a different kind of sewage: the wastewater; the FOG (Fats, Oil an Grease) and the soapy water. The wastewater is the sewage that is produced in most of the buildings and it is forwarded to the public sewage system. The industrial kitchens and bars produce fats, oils and grease. This residues can cause blockages in the pipes and so they need to receive a special treatment. The soapy water that it is produced in the showers and washbasins is treated and reused in the irrigation of the exterior spaces. The storm water is also kept in a big reservoir and later reused in order to save money and the environment. 

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